Manual Process to Unlock IMEI Easy Way

Most of the smartphone come locked by default. Actually mobile phone that you purchase from the service provider lock your phone so that you can use the sim card of their network only. In order to reap the benefits of different network provider, you are required to unlock imei of your phone. Unlocking imei allows you to choose the network of your own choice worldwide. It enables you to use your phone with any GSM sim card like T-mobile, Suncom, Cingular go phone and any other international and prepaid sim service provider. You can unlock imei through manual process or by using professional imei unlock software.

IMEI is a serial identification number that connects the phone user to the network provider. To unlock imei, you can send IMEI number of the phone to the network provider and request them for unique code to unlock phone. This is the most common method to unlock imei however, it can be costly for you. Further follow IMEI unlock manual process mentioned below:

  1. Find the serial number of the phone i.e. IMEI number. Type *#06# on your keypad and dial it
  2. This will generate 15 digit code which is IMEI number of your phone. You can also locate imei number underneath the battery of your phone
  3. Put the battery back and switch on your phone
  4. You will see message insert the sim card. Enter the code that is provided by your network provider
  5. Once you enter the code, you will see the message, “your sim card is not restricted” or “restriction off” message on your phone screen

By following above imei unlock manual process, you can unlock your phone. But you should note that most of the time this process fails if the phone is hard locked. Despite that the process is quite cumbersome and risky. Alternatively, the most safest and instant way to unlock phone imei is to use professional imei unlock software.

Unlock imei software is the advance option to unlock any smartphone like Motorola, LG, Samsung, Sony Ericsson or other. Simply connect your phone to PC via USB cable and run the software. It will generate 8 digit unique code based on your imei number. You can enter this code on your phone to unlock it. The software is easy to use and does not require any advance technical skill.