Guide To Unlock IMEI Of Your LG Smartphone

Are you looking to unlock LG imei to use it outside the network? Typically it happens that when you purchase the mobile phone from whatever company, it locked your phone so that you can use it on their network only. This means that you cannot use your phone with other network even if you change the sim card. Therefore, in order to overrule such demarcations, you have to unlock LG imei.

LG imei is an International Mobile Equipment Identity number which is given to each phone. Your phone is connected to you as well as your service provider through the imei of your phone. For each imei there is a unique unlock code that once entered into the LG mobile phone, it allows to use any compatible sim card on your phone.

LG imei unlock offers you several benefits:

  1. You can use the sim card card of any network as per your choice
  2. Unlocking increases the resell value of your phone
  3. You can swap your sim card to save money on the roaming and other charges

You can unlock LG imei either manually or with the help of professional software. In order to unlock phone manually, you need to obtain the imei number of your phone. Type *#06# on your mobile keypad and dial it. You will see 15 digit IMEI number on your mobile screen. Send this number to your service provider and request for unlock code. However, this process if quite expensive and time consuming at the same time.

Unlocking LG imei with the help of professional imei unlock software is the most efficient solution. The software generate a “secret code” based on the imei number of your LG mobile phone. Once you enter this code, your phone will unlock instantly. The software is totally risk free and does not require any technical knowledge to unlock your cell phone.