Free iPhone Image Editing Apps To Quickly Edit Your Pics

Repix (Android, iOS) :-

Repix is basically an Android photo editor app. It is reagrded as creative tool that let you turn ordinary photos into masterpices. It gives your photos an amazing new look. You should use its brushes to freely edit your photos with stunning effects and apply world most besutiful designs and borders. It provides the photos the look you want in seconds. Once installed, you can easily share your pictures to different social media sites as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on.

To know more about Repix Click Here.

VSCO Cam (iPhone, Android) :-

VSCO Cam is also pronounced as Visco, that is very popular image editing app. This app also function as camera app and photo sharing platform. Its rich collection of filters and user-friendly editing tools, that make it to stand out.

Presents Elegant filter presets and great selection of image adjustment tool :-

  • Beautiful and subtle on-tap presets.

  • Adjustable filter strength.

  • Large range of presets available to download.

  • Image adjustments tool for exposure, color and other enhancements.

  • Integrated Camera and photos sharing platform.

Get VSCO Cam to edit photos on iOS and Android.

Snapseed (iPhone, iPad, Android) :-

For a powerful camera application with professional quality editing tools, just look into Google's Snapseed. With massive amount of photo editing options, user won't have to spend hard time in making the most elegant photos. Snapseed provide ultimate control over their images by including a host of sliders that are capable of altering your photos blurriness, dullness, temperature and other factors. This app also satisfies its fans of the vintage look by just providing the option of applying grain overlays, '60-style film reel effects, or its unique Retrolux filter. It also allows lets you to stack effects on any photo, that lays similar to Layers in Photoshop, that make it easy to produce a brand new result while clicking your photo.

Snapseed is available for iOS and Android.

Adobe Lightroom :-

Adobe Lightroom is a Adobe Software that are considered by many of the users as prominent solution for editing of photos and its Lightroom Application for Androids is no different. As it requires users to access desktop versions of Abobe Lightroom 5, as well as an Abode Creative Cloud account. It also get packs with a serious photo editing punch that are capable of putting other in its same class. Users also possess the ability to not only edit photos that are taken with Smartphone, but also any Camera DNG Raw images and any photos that are saved to Lightroom 5 desktop programs.

Get Adobe Lightroom to edit your photos.

Pixlr Express :-

Pixlr Express is wonderful Autodesk's photo-editing app that is quite useful when you want to remove unwanted spots or any marks from photos. Whether there is any dust on your Camera's lens or there is flash burning out a small portion of the image, Pixlr Express is identified as most good app for image correction. Its available for both Androis and iOS. It contains some easy tools that will help you in keep touch with your images. It has enough tools that are used for power users too, also get coupled with Photoshop like effects as Pencil, Sketch, Halftone, and other similar one.

Pixlr Express is available for both Android and ios.